Home made carbonated water is both better and cheaper.

You can decide for yourself the level of carbonation that you want, from either very little or a lot. This is also applies to the addition of aromas where you can mix to your own taste.

The range of products in the Sparkling Wateraromas series from Aromhuset far outstrips that of ordinary sodas that may be available at local stores. In addition you can mix different flavours to produce an even wider array which is great for the kids who love flavours such as banana, raspberry, toffee, etc.

More uncommon flavours like peppermint and absinthe are also available with peppermint being quite natural, satisfying and providing lovely fresh breath.  Absinthe is great after food with its wide array of natural herbs like wormwood, anise, and fennel.

The flavours are often cleaner, have an improved taste and the quality feels better than with purchased sparkling water.

It’s easier to carbonate your own sparkling water.

Carbonating and flavouring your own sparkling water has several benefits:

  • Always available at home, just get the carbonic acid.
  • A broader array of tastes.
  • Always the level of carbonation that you want.
  • Always the level of taste that you want.
  • Cheaper than purchased products.
  • Environmental benefits.
  • Always quality controlled water from your local water works.
  • Better taste with the product line from Aromhuset.

A step up for Sodastream, AGA and other producers.

Aromas for sparkling water are absolutely required to get the full benefit of owning a soda machine. Tasty carbonated flavoured water can be tailored to your own taste through purchasing a wide array of many different flavours of which you will never get fed up with. It’s easy to see why people are starting to carbonate their own water in house. No hassle of hauling water and bottles back and forth especially when all you get is a product that is more expensive and no where near as good!

Not to mention people with health problems such as diabetics who can’t touch beverages with sugar. These people now have access to a great tasting, extremely healthy drink with a huge choice of many different aromas and flavours.