Sodastream drink maker carbonates your own mineral water. The Sodastream systems were originally invented by an Englishman named “Guy Gilbrey” in 1903. It was a machine that carbonated water at home and became a very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Low priced soft drink competitors slowly but surely killed of the sodastream dream when they introduced the 1.5 litre PET-bottles. Now Sodastream is back, based on a combination of several factors:

  • People want to reduce their intake of sugar and improve their overall health.
  • Water carbonated at home is a lot cheaper than buying bottled soft drinks or pre-carbonated drinks.
  • Soft drink production has a number of factors that are bad for the environment. Soft drink companies use excessive amounts of drinking water that could be used else where, truck transport of soft drinks from the factory to store produces huge amounts of carbon dioxide every year plus some countries still do no recycle their bottles.
  • Lessons the need to recycle millions of plastic bottles.
  • An ever growing obesity problem in many western countries is seeing families and people turn to healthier choices.
  • Carbonated water costs only a few cents a litre as compared to soft drink at $1 a litre or more.

Sodastream and other carbonation machines are undoubtedly coming into their own. Carbonating your own water is a lot cheaper than buying carbonated beverages from the store. The low price of carbonic acid means a lot, and in addition you get environmental benefits, as well as not having to haul heavy drink bottles home or empty cans back to the store. But the real difference is in the assorted number of fruit flavours and aromas you can purchase from Aromhuset which can be used with Sodastream, any other soda machine and even with purchased carbonated water.

Several Swedish producers of carbonated water have had great success with flavouring carbonated water. This is simply because flavoured carbonated water quite frankly tastes better and is more refreshing than the unflavoured kind. You can now flavour carbonated water at home and the results are actually even better as you can decide for yourself how much carbonic acid to add and if the beverage should be lightly or heavily flavoured. There are actually several different flavours to choose from, like the children’s favourites Banana, Raspberry or Toffee. The health benefits are significant when compared to regular soda which easily contains 10% sugar (i.e. 1.5 litres of soda contains 150 grams of pure sugar).

You can also mix flavours to create custom-made tastes like “lemon and apple” or “blackcurrant and passion fruit”. This actually means that there are hundreds of flavours if you should ever tire with the flavours in stock. Of course, it is quite unlikely that you will tire of the original flavours because you can buy different kinds all the time – you’ll never get fed up. Even better than the cost saving over buying flavoured carbonated drinks is that everyone on an Atkins diet, low-carb or GI diet or those with diabetes now have something great to drink. Sodastream has 3-4 models Sodastream has three models or four if you count the Sodastream Jet Limited Edition.

  • Sodastream Jet
  • Sodastream Design
  • Sodastream Jet Limited Edition
  • Sodastream Pure

One machine that stands out is the Sodastream Design, its unique design and great features make it the top choice over the other Sodastream units. It also lets you add more or less carbon dioxide so that the taste is exactly as you like it.

In some countries Sodastream also sell a machine called SodaMaster and similar however without any containers for carbonic acid. This unit exists solely to sell based on its low price. Sodastream calls its containers Alco2Jet which are cartridges made from aluminium to make transportation from the filling station to the retailer easier. All Sodastream machines come with one of these containers.

It is always best practice to have two Alco2Jet-containers so that you can refill one while the other is in use. This means that you will always have flavoured carbonated water available even while the other container is being refilled.

Carbonate your own water with Sodastream

To get fresh mineral water, you simply carbonate ordinary drinking water. This can then be flavoured with the different aromas from the Aromhusets large array of different varieties. These flavours comes in 30ml bottles which is enough for about 15 litres of carbonated water making it the ideal size for home consumption without getting tired of the taste.