My assessment on aromas for flavouring carbonated water.

Sodastream Mywater comes in 100 ml glass bottles with droppers which tend to have several problems.

  • The aroma liquid is a very thick fluid and thus doesn’t easily flow from the bottle.
  • As the bottle is glass, you can’t squeeze it to force the fluid out.
  • You must either place the bottle upside-down for several minutes and wait for the drops, or remove the dropper with a knife and use your own syringe.
  • Sodastream Mywater Orange has very little taste and even increasing the dosage doesn’t help.

Sodastream Mywater Strawberry-Lemon is acceptable, but tastes like strawberry wine gum rather than fruit. Sodastream lemon is good and their best.

The alternative is Aromhuset aromas which come in 30 ml PET bottles with droppers. These aromas are better due to the following;

  • The droppers have a much better construction to that of the Sodastream bottles and therefore work excellently.
  • You can squeeze the bottles to get every last drop of fluid from them and are easy to measure.
  • Two thirds of a capsule is enough for one litre of water, something that you quickly get familiar with. After about twenty or thirty litres you can do this without even measuring.
  • Aromhuset aromas come in many different flavours of which I intend to sample and post my findings.  Having tried about half, my favourites are peach, melon, raspberry, and strawberry, absolutely awesome.