Category: Carbonated Water

Aromas for Carbonated Water

My assessment on aromas for flavouring carbonated water. Sodastream Mywater comes in 100 ml glass bottles with droppers which tend to have several problems. The aroma liquid is a very thick fluid and thus doesn’t easily flow...

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Better and Cheaper

Home made carbonated water is both better and cheaper. You can decide for yourself the level of carbonation that you want, from either very little or a lot. This is also applies to the addition of aromas where you can mix to...

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Carbonic Acid Monopoly

When you buy a Sodastream soda machine, you also pay for the acid container. If you require additional containers you pay for these as well. Despite this, you actually do not own the bottle. Sodastream lawyers have designed a...

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Home Made Soda Machines

Carbonating water can be done in three different ways. You can work the acid in to the water by shaking it and you can let time do the work for you or you can increase the carbonic acid amount and then let a portion of the acid...

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