I have a Wassermaxx and it works wonderfully. But sometimes I want a lot of CO2.

Sodastream Design have a machine that gives the most CO2 so I bought a Sodastream design as well.

When I arrived home and unpacked it I experienced 2 nasty surprises. First I founda little yellow slip headed Sodastream user licence certificate according to which

Sodastream onesidedly forced me to observe a number of obligations as well as stating that the Alco2jet bottle I had just purchased belonged to them.

Also the CO2 tasted terrible, with a flavour of metal and oil. In the 1980’s I had a Sodastream and this taste happened once then as well. Nothing dangerous, they had messed up by not putting together a completely clean CO2 bottle. CO2 is the best carrier in the world of flavinoids – the finest aromas are made using CO2 distillation. The slightest trace of dirt or oil remaining in the gas bottle makes the CO2 taste terrible.

I felt like some fizzy water so tried the CO2 bottle from my Wassermaxx in the Sodastream machine. It worked immediately and gave good fizzy water at once.

AGA are specialists with CO2 for food, so the quality is excellent  and the CO2 surplus in the manufacture of Absolut Vodka is put to good use.