Ecological effect – transportation and exhaust fumes

Today, water is transported all over the world and sold in plastic bottles. The water tastes the same and the carbonic acid tastes the same.

This is exactly the same water all over the world that evaporates and returns to the ground when it rains as we all know. Somehow, the water industry has succeeded in selling bottled water at high prices, the very same water that is in your own tap of which costs next to nothing.

Therefore we can see that bottled water we buy from the shops is exactly the same as we get from our taps, we are just tricked into thinking it is some how better.

Huge waste of energy

Apart from the additional cost there is a huge energy and environmental price that we are all paying through additional green house gases. These are produced through;

  • Manufacturing and transportation of the bottles, capsules, cartons, pallets, and labels.
  • Transportation of bottled water from the factories to the wholesaler where it is then repacked and shipped off to retailers such as supermarkets.
  • Customers having to drive back to the store for recycling, or even worse throw them out with the garbage for more transportation and toxic fumes from burning.

As we can see huge amounts of green house and toxic gases are released into the atmosphere as a result of all this totally unnecessary manufacturing and transportation of these water products. And this is water that you already have in your own tap, water that is quality controlled regularly.

A soda machine takes no energy at all as it is not electric. Empty bottles and canisters are constantly being reused and the machine itself has a lifespan of many of years. Sparkling water flavor that flavor 15 liters of carbonated water only weights 30 gram.

Purchased water on the other hand is extremely energy inefficient as we have already noted above.

Raw materials

Disposable bottles, capsules, labels and cartons are squandering the minimal natural resources we have left. Even recyclable bottles have a short lifespan plus water from our natural springs is being used up at unbelievable rates.


Carbonating your own water means a lot less garbage as you only have to purchase the occasional aroma bottle and a new machine maybe every ten years. In comparison, recycling purchased drink bottles requires multiple refuse sacks where the bottles are held until they are cleaned for redistribution or they are burned. Of course this releases a huge amount of pollution into the atmosphere.

Selling of water in stores should be illegal

The authorities should simply ban or at least add environmental information on what it takes to produce that individual bottled water product.


To carbonate your own water is cheaper than buying carbonated beverages and it can easily be done in any household or work place.

Transportation of 55 litres of water from the supermarket is reduced to a one kilo bottle of carbonic acid meaning several trips are reduced to one. Those with even bigger bottles will perhaps refill this as seldom as once a year or even more rarely as carbonic acid is a preservative which will last for years.

Minimal trips to the supermarket. If you have two canisters for carbonic acid you can simply refill the one not being used whenever you have to go the supermarket.

More room, less hassle, more time off. Those who have a soda machine at home, be it Wassermaxx, Sodastream, SodaFresh, SodaQuick, Sodamaker, or another no longer have to gather sacks of empty bottles for recycling and no longer have to stand in line to recycle them.

Make an effort for the environment. It feels good to make a difference and not contribute to the illogical transportation of water all over the world.